We all want to do our part to help the environment- right? Sometimes this is easier said than done, its one thing to talk about it and another to put some change into action and follow through with reducing your footprint- which is exactly what we did when we were making our cups.

Did you know, we use compostable plastic made primarily out of corn for our cups? Kahwa cups are plant based and are 100% compostable certified by Biodegradable Products Institute. They are not made from petroleum, so their carbon footprint is 80% lower than plastic cups made from oil-based materials resulting in approximately 80% less greenhouse gasses. Long story short- our cups would naturally degrade when exposed to the environment.

Another great quality about our bright yellow cups is they are non-Toxic. Unlike plastic cups which may contain BPA and any other of the several thousand different chemical additives used in plastic production that could leach into the food and the environment and negatively affect the health of humans, marine life and other animals. They are also made in USA so they require a lot less transportation resources compared to products brought from overseas.

We are so lucky to live in and serve a community that fully supports our efforts to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We want you to enjoy your daily coffee, but more importantly we want you to feel good while doing it. Don’t forget- we also offer reusable AND paper straws as well 😊