So, we heard you like good coffee. Everyday at our Kahwa locations, we get in some who like it hot, others who want it cold, some who wish we served it in an IV (but we don’t do that — yet). Just like control of the thermostat or bed covers, coffee temperature is a personal thing. Well, we have news for those who crave the cold — always a solid and refreshing choice here in sunny Florida — and not just low temp but also convenient, like in the comfort of your home… with our new 12-Hour Kahwa Cold Brew Concentrate, we can serve you a colder coffee that much faster.

Plus, we’re selling it in 32oz take-home growlers, which means you’re always just a refrigerator door away from ice cold coffee in seconds! Whether you choose our Sirocco blend, 100% Arabica beans from the world’s best coffee-growing regions, or our special, rotating single-origin coffees featuring fair-trade practices or unique, naturally processed harvesting methods, good, cold brew coffee is always closer than ever before!

What you need to know…
3x the Coffee: 32oz concentrate creates roughly three times as much iced coffee
Prices: $5 growlers, $19.99 for a full growler, $17.99 for refills
How to Serve:1 part concentrate, 2 parts water and/or cream
Dilute to taste, creating your perfect cup of Iced Kahwa Coffee. Try over ice, paired with ice and blended, or even made into ice cubes. It’s excellent for baking or cocktails, and tastes excellent with ice cream!