K-Cups. The legendary two-inch pod of ground coffee that inevitably saves your early mornings… Or your later mornings… Or your afternoons lulls. Whatever the case may be, those little cups have your back, but many people argue the environmental impacts of such pods.

Kahwa is here to solve that issue once and for all. That’s right, we do things a little differently around here. Kahwa Cups are individually and freshly made each time. We ground our signature Sirocco blend to pour into each cup, and the most unique part is that Kahwa Cups are totally recyclable k-cups. Many other k-cups are not made out of the right kind of plastic so they are not able to be recycled, but we genuinely believe that every little change make an impact. So after you’ve enjoyed your cup of coffee, don’t forget to recycle the pod!

In addition to knowing it’s environmental impact, we recommend understanding your k-cup’s shelf-life. While there is no set expiration to generalize all K-cups, the rule of thumb is that after about three months, the overall taste and quality of coffee K-cups decreases over time. That’s also assuming they were sealed properly. If you notice a dent or crack anywhere, it’s probably safer to get rid of.

So basically, If you genuinely care about the quality of your coffee, you shouldn’t keep K-Cups for more than a handful of months. However, If you’re buying Kahwa Cups, that probably means you care about good coffee and always want a fresh batch. If you find them on your shelf after about a year, we recommend investing in some fresher ones. We sell Kahwa Cups online and in stores.

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