Need a new reason to justify drinking another cup of cold brew today? We got it for you. This month’s featured cold brew comes from the Tanzania Peaberry.

This medium roast has notes of milk chocolate and hints of tangerine. The coffee is from the Northern Burka Estates in Arusha, Tanzania. The Burka Estates were established in 1899 and is one of Tanzania’s oldest and largest specialty coffee producers. They also provide the staff and their families with housing, medical services and schooling for children as well as pay at least 20% above the minimum wage. In addition, the Burka Estates use eco-friendly and responsible approaches. 

Looking for some more new coffee at Kahwa? Try our featured drip coffee — Organic D.R. Congo Kivu Butembo Village. This medium roast has notes of cola, grape and brown sugar. 

Both the featured cold brew and drip coffee are available at all Kahwa locations, so ask your barista to try it today!