If you know Kahwa Coffee, you know that we take pride in the fact that we roast locally in the Tampa Bay area. We care about #goodcoffee, and we know you do too. That’s why we wanted to take you behind the scenes of the Kahwa Roaster to show you all the love and care we put into each cup of coffee.

Our beans come from all over the world: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, Rwanda and so many more countries. Our main blends are Sirocco (our drip coffee blend), Mistral (our espresso blend), Boreas (our light blend) and Zonda (our decaf blend), but we also rotate single origin coffees every month to keep flavors fresh and new.

“My favorite is the mistral espresso blend. It pairs great with milk, as a flat white or by itself as a short espresso.” – Sarah Perrier, Co-Owner of Kahwa.

The Roaster (the thing that actually roasts the beans) spins for about 20 to 25 minutes per batch, one machine can hold 66 pounds and the other can hold 132 pounds. Then the coffee sits in its whole bean form for a few days to develop the oils that bring out its peak flavor. The amount of days simply depends on which specific blend is being prepared. After that time, the beans can be ground.

The Kahwa Roasters roast about 20,000 pounds of coffee a month, and that number is only increasing. In fact, due to the increasingly quick expansion of Kahwa, the whole production is moving and expanding very soon!

Have any questions about our coffee? Ask away!