Have you ever wondered where Kahwa gets all their awesome pastries and foods from? Nearly all of our vendors are Tampa Bay based because we believe in local love. So it only made sense to dive into some of our favorite treats in St. Petersburg for this next post.
Ivana Ivanovic, owner and founder of Retro Oven, started baking 7 years ago with the hope of one day opening a small bakery in downtown St. Petersburg. Her journey began in college in Jacksonville, but she always visited and loved St. Petersburg, knowing it would be the perfect place for her vision.
While Ivana put a lot of hard work into creating some of her favorite recipes, she still uses some that were passed down from her mother, who actually still works at the bakery!
“My mom was always the biggest inspiration,” Ivana said. “Growin up she always had time to bake for me.”
Each recipe has a lot of thought, care and love put in, but Ivana’s favorite is her signature cookie and almond croissant. She gave it 110% effort in perfecting them, and they were actually the first products that we started carrying at Kahwa.
“That’s how people recognize me now,” Ivana said. “Cookies from Kahwa!”
Not only is she passionate about her pastries, but fresh ingredients in general. Ivana is a firm believer that food should be made from scratch. It’s easy to pick up a prepackaged food, but it’s often difficult to find out where those ingredients are coming from.
“Choosing local shops was always important to me,” Ivana said. “I like to know who made my food, morning coffee or meal. Food and coffee should bring people together.”
Stop by any Kahwa location to try her awesome treats! Ivana’s favorite combo is a Retro Oven almond croissant and Kahwa cappuccino, but she noted that just about all her pastries go well with a Kahwa latte or cappuccino.

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