OK, so it may not actually keep the doctor away, but it does help this local pup get through the day, and it’s pretty much the only thing she eats. 

LOL’s (aka Lolly) on the right and her sister, Flowie, on the left

For those of you who don’t know LOL’s (aka Lolly), let us introduce you to one of the cutest and most photogenic dogs in St. Petersburg. LOL’s is an 8-year-old Chihuahua who is critically ill with a lung condition. Lucky for her, she has one of the most caring owners around, Jaime McKnight, who not only works to save dogs like LOL’s lives, runs a one-woman company, Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue, and has a full-time job but also treats her sweet pup to a scone every single morning. Yes, you heard us correctly. Every morning. 

  1. Jaime single-handedly runs Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue, a nationally recognized, 5-star, non-profit animal rescue that specializes in saving small, old, dying, handicap and critically ill dogs from kill shelters all over the state of Florida.
  2. She’s a full-time realtor for Coldwell Banker, a full-time petsitter and runs the rescue.
  3. And she brings LOL’s into the Kahwa drive-thru on 38th every morning.

“It’s rare I don’t get up to Kawha,” Jaime said. “And if I do miss a day, trust me, LOL’s makes sure to pout and follows me around until I get a scone for her. It’s the only thing she will eat. She will even eat a scone over chicken!”


What can we say? LOL’s knows a quality coffee shop.

Jaime aims to take in the dogs that no ones else will rescue and make every day their best day. That’s why you can often find LOL’s and her siblings dressed in bedazzled collars, gem stones, of course, pink tutus. She generally spends $1,000-6,000 per dog in an attempt to give them a second chance at life. LOL’s is obviously a Kahwa regular, but so is Jamie; she loves being greeted with her hot coffee and cream every morning by the same friendly faces.

“It is important to support Local businesses because they are what makes St.Pete shine and unique,” Jaime said. “I always support local small businesses, being a local non-profit and small business owner myself. I know and appreciate the hard work, heart and soul that goes into going up against the big corporate guys.”

In writing this post, not only do we hope to spread awareness for Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue, but we also decided to give her organization a $500 gift card to Kahwa in an attempt to continue making every day these dog’s best day. 

Let us know if you see LOL’s around Kahwa! Want to learn more about Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue? Click here!