Black Friday is almost here, and we wanted to share our holiday deal early as a small thank you to our followers. This year, when you buy $50 worth of Kahwa gift cards, we will give you a $10 FREE Kahwa gift card. Exciting stuff, right? Not only do we like participating in these deal-oriented holidays, but we love the giving ones too, including Thanksgiving! 

In an attempt to get in this holiday spirit, we asked some of the Kahwa family members what they were thankful for, and here’s what they said:


Not only are we grateful for our own personal families but our Kahwa families as well. Raphael and Sarah Perrier, husband and wife Co-owners of Kahwa Coffee, actually get the best of both worlds, but the rest of us still have it pretty darn good.

“Everyday is not perfect, but imagine having to work with a group of plane janes. The team at Henderson is full of quirky personalities that complement one another. No two days are the same. It feels great to know that we have a team that pulls all of their strange brains together to come up with ideas that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own. Even when we are under pressure we don’t lose our sense of humor. We get the job done with smiles and laughs along the way, making for a great work environment. I find myself thankful every day for the Kahwa Henderson team.” – Jasmine, Manager of Kahwa Henderson.


As a local roaster, we know the importance of community. They can make or break the feel of your company, and lucky for us, we have a pretty amazing one not only in St. Petersburg but Tampa, Bradenton, Belleair Bluffs and Sarasota as well.

“I’m thankful for the cycling community in Florida. It’s been so beneficial to my overall happiness and mental health over the last five years. The love and support from people my age trying to race and compete with minimal or no sponsorship is inspiring and motivating. I wouldn’t be racing for a team and have sponsorships without them pushing me and likewise.” – Devin, Manager of Downtown Sarasota Kahwa.

Good Coffee.

This one may seem the most obvious, but it’s definitely important. Our world sort of revolves around it.

“I’m extremely grateful for my pup and my boyfriend, Steven. Their love and support keep me going every day! I’m especially thankful for all staff at Kahwa, their hard work and dedication helps makes this job even more fulfilling. In addition, and It may sound silly at first, I’m also truly grateful for Kahwa cold brew coffee. For most people, like myself, coffee is the start to your day, which is why it’s so important to make sure it’s good and consistent. Kahwa gives me exactly that.” – Katie, Regional Manager of Kahwa.

What are YOU thankful for? We want to know! Tell us on social media with #KahwaCoffee.