So you’ve probably seen us posting a lot about nitro brew this summer, and that’s no coincidence. We want to make sure you know what’s popular and best served during these hot months, and this bad boy is at the top of the list.


Nitro Brew coffee is a smooth, rich cup of joe that kind of looks like a glass of beer, especially since it’s poured out of a tap (but trust us, it’s not). More technically put, it’s cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen. This large glass may not have alcohol in it, but it sure does have a whole lot of caffeine, so if you have a long or hot day ahead of you, we’ll save you the trouble in trying to decide what to order: this is the way to go.


We use our own cold brew coffee to start. Then we infuse nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve with small holes. The nitrogen infusion is what gives it that creamier look at the top and smoother feel all together. The brew is poured from a tap to not only infuse the nitrogen but also keep the liquid even and consistent.


Typically, nitro brew coffee is served straight from the tap with no ice (and most times, no sugar), but this summer we decided to shake things up. It’s hot outside, we know. So for just $1 extra, we’ll put a cold brew coffee popsicle inside your nitro brew coffee!

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