Now that Kahwa is offering pour over coffee in the afternoons, you’re probably wondering why it matters. Another type of coffee, so what, right? Wrong. If you care about good coffee like we do, you know that each type of brew is unique in its own special way.

Pour over takes a little bit longer to make, and it’s slightly more expensive, why? The first reason is the most obvious: unlike drip coffee, pour over is made individually every single time, so your cup is extremely fresh. Additionally, the water is poured in manually and slowly, so the water has more time to soak in the grounds, and therefore, produces a much more flavorful and rich brew. Consequently, since the pour is manual, the pourer has the ability to spread the water evenly among the grounds, and since each cups is made individually, the water temperature poured is much more controlled.

Right now we’re brewing a single origin Guatemalan in our pour overs, which is a delicious medium roast. It has notes of tangerine and caramel with hints of mascarpone and brown sugar; put that in a pour over, and you’re sure to have a killer cup of joe.

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