No Straw. No Problem.

No straw, no problem — that’s easy to say when you’re a hot coffee drinker, but what about for those of us that can’t resist a cold or nitro brew in the warm Florida summer afternoons? The straw is almost essential, and yeah, straws are bad for the environment. We get it. But we still […]

Compostable Cups? Yes Please!

We all want to do our part to help the environment- right? Sometimes this is easier said than done, its one thing to talk about it and another to put some change into action and follow through with reducing your footprint- which is exactly what we did when we were making our cups. Did you […]

Lucky #13

We expanded, we got older and we celebrated, to say the least. It’s been a crazy week for Kahwa, but then again, when is it not? We’re always juggling new expansions and opportunities, and we love it that way. If you haven’t heard, now you know: we moved and expanded warehouses! Our new warehouse/roaster/main office […]

How Kahwa does K-Cups Differently

What is the environmental impact of a K-Cup? How long do K-Cups last? How fresh is the coffee in a K-Cup? All valid questions, and we are here to explain how Kahwa does it differently from everyone else.

Kahwa Giving Week

From now until December 25, you’ll get a FREE $5 gift card when you spend $50 on Kahwa gift cards! Great news, right? Well there’s more… Not only do we like participating in these deal-oriented holidays, but we love the giving ones too. This year, we decided to skip Giving Tuesday and create our own […]

3 Things We’re Thankful for at Kahwa Coffee

Black Friday is almost here, and we wanted to share our holiday deal early as a small thank you to our followers. This year, when you buy $50 worth of Kahwa gift cards, we will give you a $10 FREE Kahwa gift card. Exciting stuff, right? Not only do we like participating in these deal-oriented […]

Behind the Scenes of Kahwa Roasting

If you know Kahwa Coffee, you know that we take pride in the fact that we roast locally in the Tampa Bay area. We care about #goodcoffee, and we know you do too. That’s why we wanted to take you behind the scenes of the Kahwa Roaster to show you all the love and care […]

History Bike Tampa

How well do you know your town? Do you know the easiest routes to take, the best coffee spots or even the history of it all? For Eric and Kate Turner they know all of that like the back of their hand. That’s what happens when you create a brand new history bike tour every […]

What is Nitro Brew?

So you’ve probably seen us posting a lot about nitro brew this summer, and that’s no coincidence. We want to make sure you know what’s popular and best served during these hot months, and this bad boy is at the top of the list. WHAT IS IT Nitro Brew coffee is a smooth, rich cup […]

Cookies, Croissants and Cakes, Oh My!

Have you ever wondered where Kahwa gets all their awesome pastries and foods from? Nearly all of our vendors are Tampa Bay based because we believe in local love. So it only made sense to dive into some of our favorite treats in St. Petersburg for this next post.   Ivana Ivanovic, owner and founder […]

Happy Hour All Summer at Kahwa

From now through the end of September, Kahwa Coffee is offering its valued customers $1 OFF all iced drinks including their new and delicious cold brews, Nitro on tap and the popular Lavender Vanilla Latté. Visit any one of the Kahwa locations near you between 2 PM until close every day to avail of this […]