If you live in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area, you may have noticed our Kahwa vans driving around town, delivery fresh roasted coffee and other supplies to your favorite cafes. Our vans are hard to miss- covered in hand painted coffee beans, a steaming cup of Kahwa Coffee in our famous yellow cup and topped off with our logo, visible from all sides of the van. This is the work of one of our favorite artist/muralists, Derek Donnelly. Derek Donnelly is a Saint Pete native who’s work I am sure you would recognize all over town- the “Cultösaurus” mural, at  269 16th street N., or maybe the “Greetings from St. Pete” mural on the side of the Smith and Associates building off of beach drive. Derek recently worked with us on a collab with the new PS Grind at the Post Card Inn on St. Pete Beach. We love Derek’s work and can’t wait to work with him more in the future! Head out to PS Grind and take a picture at the “Coffee is better on the beach” wall while enjoying your Kahwa Coffee- make sure to tag us!