Some of our staff took a trip to the Monin Syrups HQ to test out some amazing new flavors and concepts! If you live in the Tampa Bay area, chances are you know the Monin brand and see it quite frequently at your favorite cafes (cough Kahwa Coffee cough) and restaurants. We love that Monin is a local company who loves to work with and give back to its local community. What you probably don’t know is that the Monin brand started over a century ago in a small town in France has become a global reputation for quality. Monin continues to innovate and bring incredible flavors to kitchens, coffeehouses, restaurants and bars around the world.

You might not realize when you order your favorite flavored beverage from Kahwa, we use Monin syrups to make sure your drink tastes amazing every time. Today we spent time with the team at Monin creating and testing some really incredible new drinks using our coffee, tea and their syrups, concentrates and purees. Keep an eye out for some exciting things to come!